Brazil: Foz do Iguazu

Iguazu city is bigger that I imagine and people are really use to foreigners due to the big amount of people visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This city has a huge Spanish influence because it’s located in the border with Paraguay and Argentina. I use to book my hostels by internet, and its time in Iguazu don’t have to be the exception. I decided to go to a well rated hostel called favela chic. The owner was a British guy, who have lived in Brazil for years and speak really good portugues and there is a volunteer from Argentina, ready to help you with anything you need. The first time I went to this hostel, it was quite good cause  I stay with my friend in a private room, but the second time when I took there some friends, it was terrible,  smelled bad and with a lot of mosquitos inside the room. So I don’t recommend you this hostel, I will suggest you the pick one in from Favela Chic. It’s clean, attended by the family and they offer a typical Brazilian breakfast included. The owner of this hostel is a typical Brazilian-Paraguayan family, they are very warm and helpful with their guesses but, if you are more into a young environment, party and international you should choose Che lagarto Hostel and book it with time, most of the time is full.  

Brazil, Foz do Iguazu
Water falls, Iguazu.


There are two ways to see the water falls, one is from Argentina and the Brazilian. In Iguazu, the central attraction of the city are the water Falls, and going there is very easy, there is a bus that go to the airport and pass through the Iguazu park.  It’s very useful to buy the raincoat even if you thing it’s not going to rain, because   you will need it to go close to the falls, and I’m sure you will want to do it.  I suggest you to go during the morning, most of the time there is a long queue to go in. So you should count with at least 4 to 5 hours to enjoy it.

Iguazu, Brazil.



The falls are amazing if you are planning go to Brazil, this destination should be included in your itinerary.  1 to 3 days is enough for staying in Iguazu. Apart from the falls there are so other places you can visit.





  1. Parque das Aves (Bird’s Park), It’s the home of more than 800 species of birds.

  2. Itaipu, the binational dam is the world’s second largest hydroelectric power station.

  3. The Buddhist Temple, it’s very interesting and it has an amazing panoramic of the Iguazu city and Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.

  4. Landmark of the 3 frontiers, I didn’t find it special, you just can see the flag of the 3 countries and the land divided by the river.

  5. Ciudad del Este, its located just crossing the bridge. That is untidy Paraguayan city will you can find everything you want (Technology) in a better rate.


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Enjoy your time in Foz do Iguazu!!

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