Carnival in Brazil

Brasil Carnival: top places, dance and chill in

I used to think that the Carnival of Rio, had based just in Rio but not, It is celebrated almost all around Brazil.  Since I touch the Brazilian ground, I knew I needed to be there for Carnival. Brazilians discovered two kind of person, the carnival lover that during all the month of January were talking about where they will go in carnival and the Brazilians that just want to escape from  Rhythm, participation, and costumes vary from one region of Brazil to another. In the southeastern cities of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Vitória, huge organized parades are led by samba schools.

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In time of carnival the normal things are more costly. Tickets and hostels get super high prices; you must book it  with time and even more if you are planning to enjoy Carnival in Rio. If you couldn’t do it, there is always the option of pre-carnivals. These are the open rehearsals of the band or how Brazilian call them “Blocos de rua” this is a cool option if you can’t go to watch the parade and you can to live the real carnival!

I have a way of thinking that is to enjoy a typical activity more than watching it, you most feeling it and doing it.  That’s why I enjoy the blocos. In Rio people turn crazy, I went to the one near Ipanema beach, there were people everywhere dancing, drinking, singing and playing with the people around. That is the perfect moment to meet new people and try cachaça, you can use fantasy close and be whatever you want to be, or go out with a natural beach style and never forget the flowers in your hair. Bravo beer is good to share and drink while you are following the bloco and letting your body move at the rhythm of the drums.  There are many blocos at the same time and most of them convene so many people. It the streets were crowdie in pre-carnival, I can’t imagine how it will be during the Carnival. Wow people there have a lot of energy.


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For carnival I decided to go to Belo Horizonte, the capital of Mina Gerais, more than nothing cause my favourite Brazilian friend was living there. And even if it wasn’t one of the most popular places to live the carnival, I enjoy a lot, the streets were as crowdie as pre-carnival in Rio, the first day everybody was dressed as balianas, the typical vestment of the people from Salvador, Bahia. They were mostly all white and with colourful necklaces and scarves in the head and others were wearing different kind of customs as bees, Angels, cats, princesses and much more.  If you wanna have a crazy day, go ahead nobody will judge you, but if you don’t want anything else, care a lot about your lips,  boys try to kiss you most of the time.

I like samba before going to brazil  but being there you learn to feel it and love it. I really can’t dance as a brazilian but you have to go to feel how the music enter to your body from the toes and stay there, making you move all your body. To start  planning your carnival trip, Im gonna recommend you me top 5 for carnival.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, prepare yourself for sleepless nights, an ample dose of caipirinhas

  2. Salvador, Bahia.  The entire week they dance, drink and kiss until they drop, get up the next day and start again.

  3. Olinda, Afro-Brazillian rhythms and plenty of street-style merriment characterize the festas.

  4. Ouro preto. Carnival in a Historical city. 

  5. Sao Paulo.  Enjoy going inside the sambodromo watching the parade.



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  1. Hi there, I’m really enjoying your posts… I just wish you would post more I get bored at work and need more to read 😀

  2. Hi there, I’m really enjoying your posts… I just wish you would post more I get bored at work and need more to read 😀

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