Paraguay: Ciudad del Este


It’s incredible how two cities that are just divided by a bridge can be so different.  Just crossing the river and arriving to the immigration point you know you will enter in another world. Already on the border from Paraguay side people speak a mix between Spanish and Guarani and they will try to take you with them to a local shop to get a commission. They will offer you everything from makeup to high technology.  And you can find all the qualities in products and people. I had a bad experience trying to look for a cheap Camara so I will give you some recommendations.


I won’t talk bad about Paraguayans, it’s more one of my best friends in from there and she and her family are amazing, but as in so many others places there are areas in our countries and people that just want to take advantage from you. Some people think that because you are travelling you are millionaire and want money from you.  Before going there I use to think that bad things happen to others but never to me, I have very good luck and I never used to think in how dangerous a person can be.



So I when along to Ciudad del Este, without thinking in what was waiting for me there. The first thing that I notice was the infrastructure; while in Foz do Iguazu everything was very  tidy, clean and the road were well paved, in this city all was a mess.




  1. At least that you go with a friend go knows really go the area, just go to the big well know shopping Center.

  2. Inside the small market, Never ever pay with your credit card!

  3. Please be careful with your money and personal things

  4. Try to don’t go alone

  5. Always ask for the bill, going back to Brazil they could ask you for that.

  6. When day are packing your purchase, check that they pack the product that you picked up and they didn’t change it.


If you really want to go for this new adventure, and you are in Foz do Iguazu, you just have to go to the bus station and in from of the station there are buses crossing the border, some go to Puerto Iguazu (Argentina), some others to Ciudad del Este (Paraguay). In ciudad del Este you can stop the bus  in the control point and  cross half of the way by walk or go in the bus to the station where  the route finish. What I did was stay in the Paraguayan Migration point and go by walk. Its super close from where all the shopping area is. I didn’t have a good experiences buying over there, actually I was so lucky that they couldn’t take from my account a bit amount cause I react on time.  But things can happening there or in other place.

I decide to write about it cause, some people will tell you about the amazing prices you would find there and It’s better you know the things that sometimes happen over there.

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