Travelling from Colombia to India

Everything started when I decided to apply for an internship in India.  Once I got it, I booked my hours to get the 7 hours fly to Mumbai. The Frankfurt airport is one of my favourites in Europe, there is everything you need for a low to a high budget. Here I bring some tips if one day you have to way for a long time over there. This airport is divided in 3 terminals A, B and C. There are many things you can do while you wait. If you have a Schengen visa or you don’t need one, there are some alone day tours. But if you can’t go out or the time is not enough there are somethings you can do inside.    There is a terrace that is open just in summer, there are some nice restaurants where you can find the typical German Sausage and beer also there are a saloon and a spa.

Frankfurt airport

After a 7 hours flight where you already start to feel the Indian environment, first the stewardess is already speaking Hindi and I very Indian English, Indian people speak very loud and the smell, ok I have to tell you that this is something that you can’t avoid, they eat a lot of species so they smell spicy, also the food they offer on board is already Indian. I arrived in a very rainy day, June, July, august and some days in September is a season called Monsoon. A lot of rain during almost all day.  For me to be really honest it was the worst season. Cause the weather was warm and humid so humid; Monsoon is not the best time to travel to India, there are a lot of floods, so the streets become rivers and in some areas is disgusting put the probably find and knowing this things, plan your amazing trip to India. India has a wide variety of weathers so   the time to travel to India depend of was do you want to see and what would you like to enjoy.

If your plan is to go to the Himalayas with snow the best time to go is in February but you have to be ready because some roads will be close. For do trekking and enjoy a nice weather, better you go between March and May or after monsoon. Well not everything had been lost if you decided to travel during monsoon, I have good news to you, you can stay in a luxury hotels or in any Hotel for excellent rates, they will be fighting for you to be their guess.  But there are things you will have to be careful, for example the food. In this season the probability to getting sick because something that you ate was spoiled, is very high. While you are travelling you have to give time to your body to acclimate to the new conditions, the new style of food for some days. I know while you are travelling you would like to try most of the new delicacies that your ice see, but please follow this steps during the 2 or  3 firsts days to don’t get sick while you are  travelling.

Monte Abu. Monsoon
  1. Always buy water in bottles and check it’s sealed, try to buy it in super market or restaurants.

  2. Avoid eating raw food as salads and juice on the street.

  3. Don’t eat so many spice food if you are not use to it.

  4. Avoid eating on the street. There are several restaurant where you can eat, at a very good rate around 500 rupees all you can eat ($10 dollars)

  5. Be careful don’t drink tap water

  6. Enjoy a nice cup of tea in a restaurant after lunch.

  7. Eat where and what locals eat.


by Animprieto

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