Goa: A Perfect Place for a Happy New Year

palolem beach

The westest part of India..

It was a beautiful day when my roommate and I decided to make a trip for New Year. It was a nice day but we couldn’t decide where to go. There were many options but it was New Year, We needed something special, a top destination.  To be honest we choose a bad day to travel, everything was already booked and we was seeing almost impossible to get something comfortable, nice and in a god price. But as always and in every aspect of life. When you really don’t have a clue about how to do something the best way to get it done is asking for help.  Doing it we finally got 3 tickets to Goa

Candolim beach is famous because her gold sand, also in this beach happen the Sun Burn Festival some days before New Year. This beach is well known because it’s one of the calmest beaches without been isolated and there are a good amount of restaurants and coffee shops, please try the sea food, inside India, Goa will be the best place to try it, it’s really nice!

Calangute, Goa

In Colombia, beaches are just beaches, you go there during the day to get a nice tan and enjoy of the view, do some sports, run and relax, but in India, I mean in Goa, some beaches are super touristic, and focusing in the young population of the world and they have many restaurants, coffee shops, bars all around the beach.  There are a lot of places for do a good beach party, meet people for all around the world, definitely this is another face of India, one more Hippie, where the freedom and the music.

If someone ask me which of the places that I had visited I will definitely say India and of course Goa is included there, because Goa is that kind of places where you really feel the good vibe, you feel free, that was my moment of being a Hippy-Princess.

Anjuna, Goa

Joa my best Brazilian Friend and me, travelled with a French guy that we just met. He was learning English and in the beginning the communication was quite hard, but he was super smart and  he try hard and start to talk  really fast, His name was Julien and  he has a really nice personality that make everyone like him.

When we arrived in Candolim the first thing we think about was food on the beach and, it was exactly what we did. I didn’t use to like the typical Indian Breakfast but in hostels and touristic places it was a different history, Starting because there you can find fruit juice and coffee, or some of my favourite dishes mix of fruit in pancakes or  eggs with cheese and mushrooms. While I travel, I really enjoy eat and try things that I usually don’t try, for that reason always I go back home with at least 10 pounds more.

Once we finish our amazing breakfast we went to Anjuna. Its one of my favorite places, cause you have everything in one place, well this is good it you like party. When we arrive, everybody was making all ready for the New Year party, while others were just relaxing. The happiness feeling was in the environment.

During the whole day we just were eating good food, drinking beer and enjoying the sun, walking and discovering all the places that where there for that night. From north to south there were many places from the cheapest and ugly, passing through a nice and hippy and arriving to the fancy one. Exist a great option for all the budges. I was really happy and I couldn’t way to be in the New Year party. It was my first time celebrating New Year without my family and in a beach party. When the sun started to go down, we decide to go and have a nice last dinner of the year, we bought some exotique flower for our hair and order for a bottle of wine. We were celebrating and wanted the best for that special night. The place we choose was one of the most famous called Curlie’s, the music there was playing very psicodelic and party supposed to go until 11 am but by that time people was just arriving, eating, drinking and relaxing. So we did the same but when our bottle started to be empty, we started to get bored of the place and music, we wanted to go for a more commercial music.  So as soon as we finished, we when to get a new place, we when to some other places just around the beach, people was happily celebrating, raising balloons and wishing the best things for new year. Finally we decided to stay in a place called Jukebox retro bar, where we met some English and Australian people, this place is famous for their Pizza but instance of that we went for a vodka and a Watermelon Juice.  We dance until we got tired and when back to Curlie’s. Joa and me were already tired and sleepy, so while we close our eyes for some minutes,   while our French guy made new friends. That is something incredible about traveling is making new friends is incredibly easy. When I woke up, I receive a message from some friends that were also there. Lilliput caffe was the name of the club and the Dj, environment and people was the best for New Year, we dance for hours next to the sea, the only thing that make us stop was went the music got stopped at almost 6 am. That else you can ask to live? Some new friends, old friends and an amazing sunrise in front of a blue and calm sea.



How to get?

The easiest way to get to the beaches is in Taxi, but you can also rent a bike, scooter or bicycle, which will give you more flexibility.   Also you can take a bus that take you nearby to the beach but sometimes, it is overcrowded.


Top 5 Beaches in Goa

  • Palolem, South goa. Wonderful place to relax your self and enjoy some watersports

  • Arambol, The Hippy Goa. Nice restaurants and the calmest beach ever

  • Anjuna, Party beach

  • Agonda, Calm and pure nature


Best places to eat or get a drink

  • Bora Bora, Arambol

  • Café Lilliput, Anjuna

  • Curlie’s, Anjuna

  • SinQ Beach Club and Lounge, Candolim



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