Bangkok: Best Places to Visit

Been in a country is amazing, and you get to know it since to arrive in the airport. Being Bangkok such a big city I would recommend you the best places to visit.   

 Bangkok city of temples and diversity. I’m very surprised with Bangkok. I can say that is one of my favourite cities in the world, why?  Because there you have everything, culture, party, fashion, street markets, amazing food, good Transportation, kind people and all in a  reasonable prices. Keep in mind Bangkok is the capital of the 3 F. (Fashion, Food and Fun). 

Bangkok is that king of cities where you can stay for long time because always you will find something to do, a place to visit, a dish to try.

There were many places that I like it but today and going to tell you about the 5 places to shopping, sightseeing  and eat in Bangkok.


One of my favourite’s touristic places in Bangkok was the Wat Arun. It is located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. It is one of the most stunning temples in Bangkok, not only because it is situated on the riverside, but also because the Design. It’s pyramidal and super Colourful. Also you can climb the central Prang, but the steps are very steeps. You will have to be very careful because going up is as tricky as going down. But I am sure most of the people can do it and if the only thing to stop you down is fear. In the top you will find and amazing View.







Other place you really need you visit is the Grand Palace, Go to Bangkok without entering there, it is like missing the Real Thailand architecture from 1780.  This place with the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is the most sacred Site.  If you are planning to go, you must be properly dressed. Men must wear long Pants and Shirts with sleeves and Women must be similarly modestly dressed you

show up at the front gate improperly dressed, there is a booth near the entrance that can provide clothes to cover you up properly (a deposit is required).



IMG_4310Another place that I really loved in Bangkok was de Chatuchak Weekend Market, Known locally as JJ Market, Chatuchak Weekend Market is the largest of its kind in Thailand. Some even say it’s the largest weekend market in the world. With more than 8,000 stalls peddling wares ranging from antiques to clothes to furniture (Vintage style), the wildly popular market draws in more than 200,000 people on weekends and includes a wide array of tasty restaurants. Shoppers are also entertained by shows, including dancing and live music. Definitely I recommend it!









My Thirst place  that will recommend you is Wat Pho. It is famous for the huge Reclining Buddha statue it houses. It is one of the largest temples in Bangkok and also one of the oldest, constructed nearly 200 years before Bangkok became Thailand’s capital.IMG_4063 - copia

Wat Pho holds the distinction of having both Thailand’s largest reclining Buddha image and the largest number of Buddha images in Thailand. The gold-plated Reclining Buddha statue is 46 meters long and 15 meters high, and commemorates the passing of the Buddha into Nirvana. This was the first place I visited in Bangkok and I don’t regret at all.

 Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is the best  floating market in Bangkok.  What I like most about this place was that it’s lively, full of boats selling food and fruits, and it’s so colourful. but you have to be careful because there is many people at the touristic places that offer you to take you there and in the end they are taking you to some others  for a cheaper price  but where you will find just 2 or 3 people offering things in boats not a real Floating market. 
And my last but not least important place to visit in Bangkok is the Mall. Emporium Mall if you want my suggestion. Well, Malls in Bangkok are more than just malls, they are social hubs, there  you can find the best restaurants and  bars with a lot of stylish the interior design is amazing in that places, Really!;  also you can see movies, sit at coffee shops, and even go bowling! A lot of life in the city happens in the malls maybe all is thanks to the air conditioning.

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