Short escape: Lima, Perú

There are some little moments that make your heart ruinning 


If you are thinking about going somewhere for 4 days, I have an option for you. Lima the gastronomy capital of Latin America local cuisine is amazing and must be highlights of any visit to Peru. Drawing inspiration from ingredients both native and contemporary, exciting dishes are created a mix of wonderful, unique flavours and textures.  Since I arrive in the airport I liked the friendliness of the people, they really welcome you since the first minute you are there.   I stayed in Miraflores, one of the most beautiful Neighbourhood of the city. Miraflores has everything you want to have in a city if you like to do exercise, it is a place for you, all the neighbourhood is surrounded  by a nice park and from there you have and amazing view of the ocean.  In most of the beaches you can surf, you just need to take your surf board and wetsuit.

20160829_133400I loved the beach in Lima, it is a pebble beach that was great for me because I don’t like to get dirty with the sand. I arrived in Peru just because I wanted to meet again the guy that I loved but I discover a place there I would be very happy to live in. One of my favourite’s places in Lima was Barranco, Excellent place to visit the Art museum, try Peruvian food and have some drinks. There are some places you won’t want to miss, Ayahuasca and Victoria bar are two of those places and of course u can miss the original ceviche and “chicharones de pescado”.


The old town in 20160830_154618Lima is a nice place, cleaner than other down town in Latin America, there are several typical restaurants and a Boehm environment, during the weekends you can enjoy of live music.  Other famous attraction is the guard change, it happen at 12 Pm and Am, and sometimes the president go out and greet.



If you count with time there is a one day trip that you can enjoy. Nearby Lima there is a desert of Huacachina, it is just 4h and 23 min away, and you can take a bus from the bus station; the 2 most famous companies are Peru Bus (Low cost) and Cruz del sur (Very comfy, included  coffee break but the  price is the double of the first one.  The destination you most ask for is Ica and from there take a taxi to the desert.

When you arrive in Ica, there are going to be plenty of people offering tour packages. They take you to the route of Pisco, restaurants and farms where pisco and wine are made, they also go to 2 points more but that places are not so interesting, At the end of the afternoon the take you to the desert, that is the main point, the most famous activities on the oasis are the sand board and have a ride on a dune buggy, finishing that you can enjoy just having a beer and sitting on the dunes seeing the wonderful view, Just tha  pay the trip!!

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I will suggest you don’t take the whole tour, JUST go to the pisco bar and then spend as much of time that you want in the desert would be a better option.

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